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My school Day

Wow school is such a long day, But what do you at school from 9:00am to 3:15pm

Have you ever wondered what it is like at my school on a normal day well let’s find out.

8:15: Drive to school

8:30: Go into class and finish off what ever i need to finish

9:00: Finally we get started, First we do 45 mins of HASS

9:45: YAY! finally time to learn a different language, For the second less of the day we have chinese which is one of my favourite subjects.

10:30: Yum, Yum, Yum it is time for recess this is the time we get to have a 20 minute break were we can play and talk about anything.

11:00: No it is time for a bit of literacy, In literacy we are learning about how to write a persuasive text.

11:45: Now it is time for a bit of PE i love PE it is one of my favourite subjects but i get really tired because today we have a double LESSON.

1:05: No it is my FAVOURITE time LUNCH!. Now we get to do my favourite things eat and play. At lunch we usally play i mean everything.

2:00: Finally my other favourite lesson art. In art we are doing so many drawings it is SO fun.

3:15:Now it is HOME TIME YAY! Home time is one of the best parts of the day, Shhhh dont tell my teacher.


Earth Day

Have you ever wondered how to stop wasting food?

I bet you everyone of us have wondered that and today I am going to teach you how to do that.

Have you ever cooked?

Maybe try something new.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Maybe you can try compostable food that can help and save our earth.

What do you do with leftover food?

I always re-plant my compostable food or plant my leftover seeds in the garden.

Photo by Joshua Lanzarini on Unsplash

I always plant my seeds so I can have fresh and healthy food in the morning, day and night.

Have you ever seen an ugly fruit and said uhhh?

I mean i recon everyone has but i don’t think we should say that.

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

I know this may not look pretty but you can still eat it i know it looks rotten but it is still healthy and good for our environment. Animals love eating this food so if we just chuck it away the animals we stave.


Commenting guidelines

♥How to comment on people’s blogs like a superstar♥

Step ONE: When commenting wright like you are writing to someone or something, Make sure you add what you value about their work and you think they can work on next time when commenting or adding a post.

Step TWO: After commenting make sure you ask a question or add a statement at the end of your comment [Make sure you add a helpful comment and not a silly one]

Step THREE: Make sure when you are commenting you don’t put any personal information like your full name and what street you live on.

Step FOUR Make sure you use understanding punctuation and you spelling, gramma and spaces are all correct.

Step FIVE: After commenting before you post your comment make sure you look over your comment carefully so you know it make sense [It is not good to rush your work even if it is just a comment].

About me

♥Hi i am Ella and i am 11 years old♥

My favourite things to do are dance and all different sports.

I have been dancing for just over 10 years i started when i was 18 months old but in baby ballet. My mum has really inspired me to become an amazing person and a really good dancer. My mum is the most amazing person ever.

I love doing cooking my first ever food i cooked was cookies for christmas and they were so good.

My family avatar

This avatar represents me because i love looking nice everyday and making sure i look good when i go out. This avatar is an avatar that really stands up for herself which love standing up for myself which has really mad me a stronger person and has made me be more true and courageous





My mum: My second avatar is mum the reason i did my mum is because she is so inspiring because when she was younger she used to be a dancer and i am a dancer now so she has really helped me become a better and stronger dancer then i was before.





The most to least helpful comments

Most, 5 2 3 7 8 4 1 6 Least

The reason i said number five was the most helpful is because she said how helpful it was to her and how she loved how they collaborated. Another reason I thought this post was helpful is because she said how she like how they worked well like there buddies and their community.

The reason i said that number six is the least helpful is because she didn’t say anything about how she loved and really valued about their work for example if on a post it said information and you had to comment this person didn’t show how she valued what that person posted on there blogs.




Country of Focus – Cambodia

1- This Cambodia’s flag.

2- Cambodia is in the continent Asia.

3- The capital city of Cambodia is Phnom Penh.

4- Cambodia is located in the Northern hemisphere.

5- The population of Cambodia is 16.72 million people.

6- The national language of Cambodia is Khmer which 90% of people speak that language.

7-  The money Cambodian people use is Cambodian riel.

8- The connection of Australia and Cambodia is that australia established the relations with Cambodia in 1952.

9- A un fact about cambodia is that it is most famous for the Angkorian Empire which readed its fame and power in the 13th century.

10- Countries that border Cambodia are Vietnam on the east and Laos on the northeast side.


Some of the challenges I have had while making my avatar are finishing with making my avatar a girl or a boy. I had to start of with putting on the close on and working out which ones will work and how to put all of the clothes and accessories. Then i had to make the body shape. I really wanted to make it look just like me. I have worked through my challenges and have successfully created my own avater.

A bantered house


Once upon a time the was a bantered house that lived at the top of the hills covered with snow from the cold wintertime. It was the Morning of a cold winter day and a little girl and her brother went on a morning walk. They were wearing warm winter clothes with big puffy coats. When they were going on a walk, they found a creepy house and obviously her brother made her go in the creepy house. When they opened the door, they heard a bang and sprang from the flour, After the fright they walked in and the little girl was shivering with frightens. They looked around and were creeped out of their minds, so they ran back home. The next day they looked through their pocket money and they had so much so much money. The little girl thought of an idea. They ran back to the house and the little girl said her Idea. ‘We can use oh pocket money and make it a playroom. The brother didn’t like the idea but then he loved it the next minute. It was a year later and they had there dream playroom which was there colourful dream room